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Sorry guys.

Pils a posted Jan 23, 12
The servers will not be turned back online, and we will not make any new website. This is not due to economic reasons, but rather because of lack of time, interest and transition to new people. The [PUS] website will be up and running all depending on Dodito, and it's not my responsibility anymore. In the future I will rent servers dedicated to the clan Team Collosal, as I find it more useful to spend more money on them, rather than putting a lot of money into a dead community. Put into perspective, there are alot of unranked servers out there, so I hope you feel free to join them. You don't need to tell me it's my fault, because I already know that. Apparently, my calculations were wrong, and I understand it if you are disappointed.


It is certainly not easy to make agreements regarding servers and such when the exam date moves all the time.
This will be the third time they move the date for the final exam to be taken. They have now set the date to June the eight. They informed us last week, but confirmed it today.
You probably think that this will have consequences for the expected servers. Unfortunately, I will have to say that it will. I just can't open two servers in the middle of this period.
Because of this delay, I won't be able to open the servers before June the ninth. I am personally dissapointed and mad, and I understand it if you are also. Although, I hope you understand which situation I'm currently in, and respect it. Sorry for the interruption.
Best regards,
[PUS] Staffs
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Pils a I've sent you a message here on the forums.